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Error message "Initialization of goMsg.dll failed, cannot continue"

Error message "Initialization of goMsg.dll failed, cannot continue"

You are getting this error message, if the anti virus software Norton Antivirus has wrongly detected the file goMsg.dll as Virus/Spyware, and prevents access from that file. The Norton Antivirus vendor, Symantec, was informed about the problem, confirmed it, and resolved it with their latest virus definition update. Norton users should update their virus definitions, if this has not yet been automatically done. Otherwise, you can help yourself this way:

Restart computer.
Close the error message quoted above with "Exit".
Open Norton Antivirus (right click the yellow icon on the task bar).
Select "Settings", "Norton Antivirus".
Select "System", "AutoProtect", "Exclusions".
Select "New".
Click the button with the folder icon and select "C:\Program Files\AB-Clock". Confirm with OK.
Again, confirm with OK
Restart computer.
Possibly, Norton Antivirus has deleted the goMsg.dll file. In this case, please reinstall AB-Clock (Repair).

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