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GRAHL software design

Since 1996, we have been developing and marketing high-quality software for personal and business use.

We sell our innovative software products to consumers and businesses throughout the world. Our potential customers are able to try our products extensively, at no cost, and with unlimited functionality, in order to become familiar with their benefits and features.

Our flagship product PDF Annotator® for editing PDF files has been awarded at the Microsoft Tablet PC Contest "Does Your Application Think in Ink?" amoung eleven out of 260 software products.

Our product, SnippetCenter Professional, offers a highly professional solution for efficiently storing and retrieving knowledge-base items.

DeuPAD tools are the de facto standard for communicating product descriptions among vendors, editorial offices and users in the German- speaking and international area. We provide these tools, as well as other services to our colleagues at no cost.

Previous products included "PhoneWatch", "MessageBlocker", "AB-Clock", "AB-Edit" and "AB-Euro".

Our software has seen hundrets of thousands of installations since 1996.

Our products are regularly featured in the technical press, and always receive favorable comments. Visit our product websites for more information and testimonials.

Bloggers say
James Kendrick from jkOnTheRun: "Need a way to annotate or ink on PDFs? There's no better solution for the price than PDF Annotator from Grahl software in my opinion." More