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MessageBlocker™ for Microsoft® Outlook® Express

Notice: MessageBlocker has been discontinued.

MessageBlocker™ for Microsoft® Outlook® Express MessageBlocker™ prevents Microsoft® Outlook® Express from loading images or other content from the internet without confirmation, as well as executing scripts when displaying a formatted email message. With MessageBlocker™ you can prevent your email software from trying to establish a connection to the internet and reload pictures etc. when you just display a formatted email message. This will also avoid that spammers get a confirmation of the correctness of your address and send you more spam in future. MessageBlocker™ prevents the execution of scripts and integration of objects into mails which makes sure that mail viruses can't be executed this way.

MessageBlocker™ may be deactivated or reactivated on one single click. More useful options are: Format filters, which make sure that formatted mails get displayed in one single font size and color. Word filters prevent display of a whole message if certain words are found in the message text.

MessageBlocker™ supports Microsoft® Outlook® Express Version 4 or higher. For configuration, you need Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4 or higher. Windows XP is only supported up to and including SP1.