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Information Manager - The Portal to Your Knowledge!

SnippetCenter Information Manager - The Portal to Your Knowledge!
Archive everything: text documents, files, PDFs, internet addresses, contacts comments and notes - Organize and view all your information in one place.
Find your information with advanced full text search or by categorizing your data in colored sections and folders with optional password protection and encryption.
Store code snippets with syntax highlighting, for 30 programming languages.

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Include formatted text and embedded images in your Text Snippets.
Organize all your digital PDF documents to view them in one place using PDF Snippets.
Include programming source code from different programming languages in your Code Snippets.
Quickly and efficiently create Diagram Snippets with different basic graphical elements (rectangles, circles, polygons). Easily add text and connect the various elements with lines and arrows.
Save your Snippets with annotations and meta information.



SnippetCenter is available in two editions: Comparison of Personal vs. Professional Edition

SnippetCenter lets you:

Toggle write protection to prevent accidental modifications of your data. Additionally, if you want to ensure that your data cannot be edited in any way, you can set a password on the write protection.
Encrypt your entire SnippetCenter database with a strong 128-bit encryption to secure your data from unauthorized access.
Organize your information in colored sections and structured folders.
Password protect single sections with confidential information.

"I have to say that this is one of the best designed and written pieces of software I have seen. It is complete down to the finest detail and is both visually pleasing and functional."

James Harvey-Brown

Great Britain

SnippetCenter is the Portal to Your Knowledge!

SnippetCenter - Informations-Manager - The Portal to Your Knowledge The information manager archives and governs text documents, files, code snippets, internet addresses, comments and notes. Store your data in your custom tree structure. Comment the single information pieces in special fields to find and understand them again easier later. Search your knowledge base with full text search.

Quick working with drag'n'drop, context sensitive menus and customizable user interface. Control SnippetCenter intuitively and without learning expense. Numerous samples included. The Plus for programmers and web designers: Code snippets with colored syntax highlighting for more than 30 popular programming languages!

SnippetCenter 2 introduces lots of improvements:

Organize your data in colored sections
Extended import and export capabilities
128-bit encryption of your data (optional)
Write protection
... and much more!

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SnippetCenter News

SnippetCenter Maintenance Release Available Nov 30, 2006
NEW: Organize Your PDFs with SnippetCenter Professional Aug 22, 2006
SnippetCenter 2 - The Portal to Your Knowledge - Now Available! Jul 02, 2006

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